Action RPG 'Kritika Online' enters closed beta

Action RPG 'Kritika Online' enters closed beta EN MASSE ENTERTAINMENT

En Masse Entertainment's upcoming action RPG, Kritika Online, is now in its open beta phase.

Starting today, May 24, players who have purchased one of the game's Founder’s Packs or those with a closed beta access code will be able to sign in with their En Masse account and begin playing an early version of ALLM’s free-to-play action MMO brawler.

In the beta, players can select from four character types — the Warrior, the Gunmage, the Rogue, or the Reaper — and rampage through the game's 3D worlds solo or with friends, defeating bad guys and super-sized level bosses using oversized blades, alchemical superguns, and dazzling acrobatics.  The closed beta also gives players their first hands-on look at the game’s deep progression systems and story.

The Kritika Online closed beta will run through June 13, 2017.

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