News editor sim 'Headliner: NoviNews' comes out onto Steam

News editor sim 'Headliner: NoviNews' comes out onto Steam UNBOUND CREATIONS

Headliner: NoviNews, a news editor sim from indie developer Unbound Creations, is now available for PC via Steam.

In the game, players operate as the chief editor of the country’s largest news publication. But with great editorial power comes great editorial responsibility as players must decide what stories to run, meeting quotas, and keeping their audience engaged. Controversy equals clicks, and with the world in conflict, it’s up to the player to cultivate the country’s culture through the court of public opinion.

“Having travelled the world studying various regional conflicts, I wanted to make a game that explores the difficulties of using the media to bring people together in a society that revels in turmoil,” said Unbound Creations founder and director Jakub Kasztalski.  “We live in a world of conflicting realities shaped by the media, and it’s not an easy web to untangle. Headliner: NoviNews explores not only the power of the media, but the challenges that come with wielding such power.”

Previous to its release, Headliner: NoviNews won the "Best Overall Game" of Intel Buzz Seattle, was a finalist for Best Action & Adventure Game at the 2018 TIGA Awards, and was part of the Official Selection at PAX West 2018’s Indie Mega Booth and the same year’s Seattle Indies Expo.

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