Sidescrolling RPG 'Sand is the Soul' to arrive on Steam next month

An in-game scene from 'Sand is the Soul'. An in-game scene from 'Sand is the Soul'. MGP STUDIOS

A new indie-made computer game is coming to Steam Early Access in November from MGP Studios and publisher Fat Dog Games.

The game, Sand is the Soul, is a 2D side-scrolling action RPG that features a non-linear narrative desigened to provide players with an experience of deep choice and consequences in an unforgiving gothic Victorian fantasy world.  It's inspired by Fighting Fantasy, Double Dragon, and Bloodborne and was made entirely by MPG Studios, a one-man game development company.  The game is set in the dark stylized atmosphere of Crosshill where the choices the player makes will decide the path of the story.

Says MPG Studios:

Sand is the Soul has been created to provide a challenging combat experience combined with the gameplay of a 2D beat-em-up.  This combination alongside the game’s RPG mechanics and exploration creates engaging gameplay experiences with an atmospheric backdrop.

Players will be placed in the role of a diplomatic messenger/courier with an opening mission of delivering a vital document to authorities of the bordering town known as Crosshill.  Accomplish the mission or don't, pave your own way with the game's morality and sanity systems.

Sand is the Soul comes out on Steam Early Access worldwide on Nov. 15.

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