Cyberpunk FPS '2084' announced for PC

Cyberpunk FPS '2084' announced for PC FEARDEMIC

Indie game studio Feardemic announces 2084, a cyberpunk first-person shooter game coming Dec. 13 to Steam Early Access ahead of its planned full release in 2020.

2084 is the result of a 72-hour internal game jam that involved some of the developers behind >Observer_ and Layers of Fear2084 puts players into a deadly, post-apocalyptic labyrinth  Feardemic says players can expect "eerie plot twists and techno thrills" as they eliminate their adversaries and (hopefully) ultimately escape.  Furthermore, players will be tasked with utilizing a variety of computer hacking commands on the fly while engaged in combat.

“We’re amazed at what the team has put together in just 72 hours. 2084 has a really polished look, is fun to play and will certainly please fans of cyberpunk and shooters in general,” said Marcin Kawa, CEO of Feardemic. “After checking out the final build we decided that the game deserves to be shared with players.  It’s a super fast-paced shooter with a hacking twist. We really can’t wait to hear what people think about the game.”

The Early Access version of 2084 is set to include a pair of game modes.  There will be a story mode in which players must kill enemies and level bosses before facing off against the game’s final opponent.  The second mode has players facing endless waves of enemies as they vie for top ranking on the game's leaderboards.

2084 is a Windows PC exclusive.

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