"Audio only" game 'Unheard' announced for January release

"Audio only" game 'Unheard' announced for January release NEXT STUDIOS

Coming to Steam in January 2019 is a game you have to hear to believe.

The game is called Unhead and it relies on audio more than it does video.

Says developer Next Studios:

Prepare to experience an immersive ‘radio drama’ where players play as a ‘sound hunter’ a futuristic detective who is able to travel back in time to solve crimes but is limited by having no vision.  Players must investigate crimes by carefully monitoring and listening in on various conversation and actions.  Players will need to identify characters, understand their relationships, uncover motivations and then deduce the perpetrator of the crime.

Using time travel as a vehicle, Unheard's story is a non-linear experience.  In it, players won't always experience the crime from start to finish.  Rather, they'll need to build their own timelines from the clues in conversations they overhear.  Furthermore, each crime has multiple story branches and ongoing moments.

Unheard will be coming to Steam as a Windows PC exclusive in January of 2019.

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