2D brawler 'Bladed Fury' launches onto Steam

2D brawler 'Bladed Fury' launches onto Steam NEXT STUDIOS

Steam gamers can now be on the (literal) cutting edge as Next Studios' latest title, Bladed Fury, is now available for PC.

A 2D hack-and-slash brawler/platformer, the game is set during the Warring States Period of China.  As it turns out, a princess of Qi Kingdom has escaped from the palace and, with the help of her friends, has acquired the power of “spirit.”  It's with her newfound power that she is able to exact revenge one swing of the blade at a time.  Furthermore, Bladed Fury features an art style reminiscent of Chinese ancient art and a notable soundtrack to go along with comic strips that frame a grand world background.

To add additional gameplay value, Bladed Fury also boasts puzzle, maze, and runner play modes.

A Windows PC exclusive, the game is available via Steam for $9.99 (discounted to $6.99 for a limited time as a launch special).

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