'MINImax Tinyverse' available in Steam Early Access

Screen from MINImax Tinyverse. Screen from MINImax Tinyverse. O'OL BLUE INC.

O'ol Blue Inc. has announced that MINImax Tinyverse, their free-to-play tower-rush god game, is now available in Steam Early Access. MINImax Tinyverse has players building an army from either the Aillai or Creaea realm, then sending that army to destroy the towers of the opposing army. Players can also exercise some divine intervention, destroying enemy soldiers by bringing down a giant fist, or creating new paths for their warriors to take.

Along with the base game, the Two Realms Unlock Pack DLC is also available, which unlocks all locked characters and makes them available. Players can learn more about the game at its Steam page or at its official website.

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