3v3 shooter 'Aftercharge' releases on PC, Xbox One

3v3 shooter 'Aftercharge' releases on PC, Xbox One CHAINSAWESOME GAMES

Aftercharge, a three-on-three shooter from Canadian developer Chainsawesome Games, is now available on Xbox One and PC and supports cross-play between the platforms.

Featuring asymmetrical gameplay, Aftercharge is set on the distant planet of Dusk 11.  Worse for wear, the planet's been exploited by the titular corporation for the energy at its core . Designed originally to avoid industrial espionage, the company’s workonics worker robots are defecting due to the planet's now unstable energy, which has put the company’s extractors (and all life on the planet) at risk.  The Workonics set out to destroy the extractors and must face off against human Enforcers guards who are invulnerable to robot attacks.

Aftercharge is rated "E10+" by the ESRB.

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