Acoustic Detective Game ‘Unheard’ comes to Steam in late March

Acoustic Detective Game ‘Unheard’ comes to Steam in late March NEXT STUDIOS

The narrative-centric detective game from indie developer NEXT Studios, Unheard, is coming to Steam on Mar. 29.

The game combines a story-driven audio drama with puzzle elements in order to create what the developer says is a unique experience in which players will have to solve crimes only by the way they sound.

Says NEXT Studios:

Unheard puts players in the role of a time-traveling detective who is only able to use one sense, sound. The game’s story is a non-linear experience. Players will not always experience the crime from start to finish but instead must build their own timelines from the clues in conversations they overhear. The game simulates the real world in real time, so while players are in one room, other conversations, actions, and perhaps more sinister endeavors may be occurring elsewhere.

Unheard has already won a number of awards including Public Choice Award at the 2018 Sweden Game Arena.

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