'Caravan Stories' to release on PlayStation 4 this July

Gameplay screenshot. Gameplay screenshot. AIMING INC.

Game developer Aiming Inc. has announced that Caravan Stories, the fantasy MMORPG with over two million players in Japan, will be arriving on PlayStation 4 consoles in North America on July 23. Players will explore the land of Iyarr, which is under threat from the Enigma, a mysterious opening in the sky that is quickly filling Iyarr with shadows and monsters. Players will recruit monsters and NPCs in order to help them on their quest to defeat the darkness, which features dungeons, open-world raids and more. In addition to the game's launch, an open beta will be accessible starting on July 16.

Upon its release, the game will be free-to-play. Gamers attending RTX in Austin, TX will be able to try out Caravan Stories for themselves at booth #405 at the Austin Convention Center.

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