1990s-inspired game 'Forts' releases for PC

1990s-inspired game 'Forts' releases for PC EARTHWORK GAMES

Earthwork Games' latest title, a physics-based RTS inspired by classic cartoon artillery strategy games of the 1990s called Forts, is now available via Steam and the Humble Store.

The game, which is a Windows PC exclusive, takes cues from games like Scorched Earth and the classic Artillery, but with base building and real-time combat.  In Forts, players use their creativity to construct a military installation armed to the teeth with offensive and defensive weapons, then take out the enemy's compounds while collecting resources, repairing any damages and simultaneously repelling attacks.

Furthermore, as many as eight players can enter battle together in LAN or online multiplayer, teaming up and sharing resources in co-op multiplayer or dominating their friends in team deathmatch.  Latecomers can drop in and take over from the A.I., or observe the destruction raining down upon their friends.

Forts also features a 28-mission single-player campaign follows Earth's three remaining factions in their final battle for the world's resources.  Skirmish mode pits players against AI opponents in classic and pre-built battles, as well as custom maps and mods made by the community.

"We've packed Forts full of features to provide countless hours of entertainment that can be enjoyed alone or with friends," says Tim Auld, founder of EarthWork Games. "This is our love letter to the games we grew up playing, combining all of their different elements to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

A digitally downloaded game, Forts sells for roughly $15.00.

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