4x game 'Dawn of Andromeda' to launch on Steam next month

4x game 'Dawn of Andromeda' to launch on Steam next month GREYWOLF INTERACTIVE

Currently available via Steam's Early Access program, the real-time sci-fi 4x game Dawn of Andromeda will be fully released for PC on May 4.

The folks behind the game -- developer GreyWolf Entertainment and publisher Iceberg Interactive -- have been looking at gamer feedback from the early access version of the game and have been continuously working on implementing a number of improvements to the game.  This includes new random events, new animated cut scenes for each major race, and new Victory/End screens with statistics and extra information.  There are also unique scenarios for the game's factions.  Each scenario comes with a pre-designed galaxy and background stories with their own victory conditions, traits, challenges, and ongoing conflicts and relationships.

“After much time spent gathering player feedback and suggestions from the Early Access phase, we are extremely excited to put the final touches on Dawn of Andromeda," says Mike Domingues, lead developer at GreyWolf Entertainment.  "We are truly confident that fans from all over the world will be able to fully immerse themselves into this galactic world we’ve worked so hard to create.”

The early access version of Dawn of Andromeda has received "mostly positive" user feedback and carries a rating of 7 our of 10 on the platform.

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