It can be a lovely planet…. at least when you’re not shooting everything in sight.

Pick up the game now and get ready for EVO 2019.

Idea Factory's Super Neptunia RPG is now available for PC via Steam download.

Return to Neo-San Francisco to dive into the minds around you.

 Bandai Namco introduces Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot as the official name to the codenamed Dragon Ball Game Project Z.

EA to publish newtitles by Zoink Games, Glowmade, and Hazelight Studios.


With new leadership spearheading the Tales of development team, the popular JRPG franchise is poised to take players on bigger and grander adventures.

There are wizard dogs and talking cakes in this game (and it only goes up from there!)

Another 'Final Fantasy', another remaster.

After a bit of a delay, Bandai Namco's action adventure game, Code Vein, gets a final release date.

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