GameWorks purchased with eSports aspirations

GameWorks purchased with eSports aspirations GAMEWORKS

The popular video game arcade and entertainment venue chain GameWorks now has new ownership.

The eSports-focused Oomba, Inc announced Thursday that it has acquired GameWorks with plans to bring eSports stadium facilities to existing locations, which includes those in Las Vegas, Seattle, and Denver.  Once converted towards eSports, GameWorks locations will employ Oomba tournament management software and aggressively expand with further GameWorks facilities.

"GameWorks is the perfect venue for our vision of eSports Stadiums, VR experiences and hosting 'game night' at GameWorks," says Oomba CEO Michael Williams.  "We plan to transform GameWorks into the experiential anchor for AAA locations all across America and beyond."

Oomba says despite the ownership change, GameWorks management will stay on board.  The companies' names will change, however, to Oomba GameWorks.

 "We are thrilled to be a part of the Oomba organization," says GameWorks CEO Greg Stevens.  "Mike's exciting vision sets a new course for the location based entertainment business and we can't wait to bring it to life."

Oomba points out that the eSports economy is expected to grow to $696 million in 2017, which would mark a year-on-year growth of more than 40 percent.  Further speculations show the market doubling by 2020.

Thursday's announcement by Oomba is the second major consumer-oriented eSports news to make headlines.  Last week, Las Vegas' MGM Grand Hotel and Casino unveiled plans to open a 2,000 square foot free-roam VR arena in early September.

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