Atari VCS pre-orders to begin Wednesday

The Atari VCS home entertainment system. The Atari VCS home entertainment system. ATARI

Pre-orders for the first new Atari gaming console since 1993's Atari Jaguar will being Wednesday, May 30.

Gamers who are interested in being among the first to get a VCS can pre-order the console directly from Indiegogo beginning 6 a.m. Pacific time on the 30th.

Taking inspiration from the original Atari 2600 VCS from 1977, the new Atari VCS is a video computer system and platform that lets users enjoy games and the best PC experience on their TV with more exciting online entertainment-driven features and benefits.  The base Atari VCS will include one Classic Joystick/Remote and Atari says there will be enhanced bundles that are likely to also include their Modern Controller and quite possibly other items still in development.

Atari further says additional details about the new Atari VCS will be released in the coming months.  This includes content partnerships, hardware specifications, accessories, and release dates.

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