Survival RPG 'Smoke and Sacrifice' releases on Switch, PC

Survival RPG 'Smoke and Sacrifice' releases on Switch, PC CURVE DIGITAL

Smoke and Sacrifice, the new survival RPG from London-based independent studio, Solar Sail Games, and award-winning publisher, Curve Digital, is now available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

The game is set in a darkly fantastical world where grotesque creatures roam and harsh societal customs rule.  Players assume the role of Sachi, a young mother, who is on a quest to discover the fate of her child.  Sachi doesn’t just have to worry about the the game’s antagonists, however, as the entire game world poses a threat.  Furthermore, players can alter the behavior of plant and animal life within the game world. 

Smoke and Sacrifice is one of our flagship releases for 2018 - one that we hope will really resonate with players,” says Simon Byron, Publishing Director at Curve Digital. “Not only does it have a large amount of gameplay depth and offer players a lengthy survival-RPG experience, it also tells a touching tale about the unlimited strength of a mother’s love.”

The game is Solar Sail Games' debut title as a developer.

"Creating a game with this number of interlocking systems and mechanics has been an amazing challenge; we can’t wait to see how players make this world their own,” says Neil Millstone, co-founder of Solar Sail Games.

The ESRB does not list a rating for this game.

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