Adventure RPG 'Pendula Swing' hits Steam next month

Adventure RPG 'Pendula Swing' hits Steam next month VALIANT GAME STUDIO

The first two episodes of Valiant Game Studio's roaring twenties inspired RPG, Pendula Swing, will be releasing for PC via Steam on Aug. 15.

Featuring fantasy themes, players of Pendula Swing will find goblins, dwarves, and orcs in a unique setting that the game's developers call "Tolkien meets The Great Gatsby."

Pendula Swing raises complicated social issues such as prejudice, racism, stereotypes and the disparity between wealth and poverty wrapped in the beautiful art deco style that was popular in the 1920s,” said Anna Jenelius, CEO and Creative Director of Valiant Game Studio.  “We feel we are bringing together a number of great features that fantasy and RPG fans will love and look forward to feedback on the first two episodes, which we will incorporate into the subsequent episodes in order to relay the deep narrative in a way that speaks to players.”

The game's first episode, Tired and Retired, introduces the protagonist, Brialynne Donu Tenúm, a once famous dwarven hero who saved the world 400 years ago and is forced to interrupt her indefinite retirement when she discovers that an important artifact has been stolen.  The world she knew four centuries ago has changed, however, as strange music, completely new and flamboyant fashion, fast moving steel horses, as well as goblins and orcs now roam the streets in broad daylight.  Players must unlock areas of the town of Duberdon to solve problems and help Brialynne make heads or tails of this new world in order to find and recover her axe.  It's a task that turns out to be much more difficult that she had originally thought.

The first episode of Pendula Swing will be offered for free and the second will be priced at $4.99, with a remaining five episodes rolling out over the course of the next year.

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