Cartoon Network launching an 'Adventure Time' VR game

An in-game 2D look at 'I See Ooo'. An in-game 2D look at 'I See Ooo'. CARTOON NETWORK

Cartoon Network is planning to release a new virtual reality mobile game based on its "Adventure Time" show.  The game, which is being developed by Opposable, will come complete with its own viewer themed after the cartoon.

The game is called I See Ooo, takes players to the Land of Ooo where the show takes place.  On Ooo, players have three different play modes from which to choose: "Glider Flight", "Snowball Fight", and "Puzzle Path".  Each mode contains 20 levels.

As for the VR viewer, it's made to look like Jake the Dog's face.  It's compatible with other VR mobile games in addition to I See Ooo.


Both I See Ooo and the Jake the Dog VR headset launch Sept. 29 for Android phones.

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