Online shooter 'Hired Ops' to launch later this year

Online shooter 'Hired Ops' to launch later this year ABSOLUTSOFT

Hired Ops, an upcoming online first-person shooter game from developer AbsolutSoft, is scheduled to release in late 2016 for PC.

The game is a session-based online shooter dedicated to fierce conflicts between rival mercenary groups battling on a global scale.  Players take part in armed encounters while using "the latest weapons and special equipment."  Uniting into private military companies, players carry out contracts, build bases, and aggressively compete with one another all for the sake of domination in the world mercenary market.  Players are free to choose from any of the five different fighter classes, each featuring an elaborately crafted skill system and an arsenal rich in weapon variety and weapon modifications.  Hired Ops includes a "diverse mix of game modes" such as the "Enhanced Realism" mode.

Hired Ops was previously unveiled as Contract Wars Standalone.  The game will launch onto Steam Early Access near the end of the year.

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