New character, versus CPU mode added to 'Street Fighter V'

Urien gets added to the 'Street Fighter V' roster. Urien gets added to the 'Street Fighter V' roster. CAPCOM

A new update has hit Street Fighter V with Capcom adding a new character, a new play mode, and other features to the game.

The update includes Urien, the sixth post-launch character to be added to the roster this year.  Urien made his series debut in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact and uses high-damage combos, he uses his slow-moving projectiles to pressure opponents and control the pace of the match.

Other content includes the new "Versus CPU" play mode and "Daily Targets".  The former lets players put up their dukes against the computer and the latter is designed to help players earn extra Fight Money and purchase additional content on a regular basis.  Capcom also added new environmental stage KO areas.

All aspects of the update save for Urien are available to all players as free content.  Urien can be purchased using in-game earned Fight Money or real currency.

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