Hand-drawn horror game 'Sundered' unveiled

An in-game screenshot from 'Sundered'. An in-game screenshot from 'Sundered'. THUNDER LOTUS GAMES

Thunder Lotus Games unveiled early Tuesday morning Sundered, a hand-drawn horror game coming next year to PlayStation 4 and PC/Mac/Linux machines.

The developer, which is best known for its indie-made 2015 title Jotun, describes Sundered as "a darkly atmospheric hand-drawn action-horror game" in which players take on the role of Eshe, a wanderer in a ruined world teeming with eldritch horrors.

“I’m extremely excited to announce Thunder Lotus’ brand new game,” said Will Dubé, Creative Director and President of Thunder Lotus Games. “Sundered is a game that builds on the strengths of Jotun: hand-drawn art, epic boss battles and great immersion. With Sundered, we’ve added more complex mechanics, tons of replayability and meaningful choices. Finally, we’ve gone into a darker universe, heavily inspired by Lovecraft’s writings.”

Sundered is expected to make its public debut this week at TwitchCon 2016 in San Diego, Calif. where Thunder Lotus Games will have a playable version for attendees to check out.

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