2D action game 'Earth's Dawn' release date unveiled

An in-game image from video game 'Earth's Dawn'. An in-game image from video game 'Earth's Dawn'. RISING STAR GAMES

The upcoming side-scrolling 2D action game from Rising Star Games, Earth's Dawn, receives an early November release date for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Launching Nov. 1 on PS4 and Nov. 2 for Xbox One, Earth's Dawn mixes fast-paced, side-scrolling 2D action mechanics, dark-edge anime visuals, and weapon/skill customization to weapons and skills to deliver what the game's publisher calls "a deep and unique gameplay experience."  The PC version is slated to release at some point after the console versions.

Earth’s Dawn takes place after the Earth was decimated by an invasion from an alien race known to humans as E.B.E.  The invaders moved across the planet, consuming anything in their path, and proved impervious to existing weapons.  Ahead of the impending annihilation, a breakthrough was made - the E.B.E. was susceptible to damage by weaponry designed using its very own technology.  Players will use the alien's own tech to lead the opposing fight to the E.B.E.

The game features a layered combat system designed to appeal to both light and "hardcore" audiences.  Basic attacks can easily be strung together to pull off combos, while tying these to the analogue stick will instigate launchers, aerials, and sliding attacks.  Timing a dash during a combo will extend its length and finisher moves will dispatch enemies with a hint of flair.  Players are evaluated after battles and ranked according to expertise and skill.  They may then use the points awarded to enhance and level up their hero.

Developed by Oneoreight, Earth's Dawn was originally released in Japan under the title Earth Wars.  The game is rated "T for Teen" by the ESRB.

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