CES 2017: Pinball still rolling strong

A person plays the new Aerosmith pinball game during CES 2017. A person plays the new Aerosmith pinball game during CES 2017. BARRY WHITE / GEEKNIFTY

In a time when virtual reality and 4K seems all the rage in the world of video games, it's easy to overlook the classic pinball machine.  While old school in technology, it's far from being a blast from the past.  As Stern Pinball CES Gary Stern says, it's an industry that's not only going strong but also is growing as evidenced by the company putting out new physical pinball machines in 2017.  That's in addition to the digital and virtual ones on which the company has already been working.

"Our pinball business is growing," stays Stern.  "We do everything pinball. Our games are available digitally, our games are available in VR with Oculus."

Of course, just because physical pinball is an old school type of coin-op game, that doesn't mean that Stern Pinball isn't looking to add modern technology to an otherwise analog ball-and-bat game.

"We have our new digital display in [the game] 'Aerosmith' shown for the first time anywhere and we have the LCD display in 'Batman 66'," Stern explains.

In the Aerosmith pinball game, the LCD screen shows not only the player's score but also hand-drawn animations featuring the band and figures inspired by their music.  The Batman 66 game, however, will feature clips from the original television show starring Adam West and Burt Ward.

As Stern quotes pinball legend Harold Williams, "The ball is wild."

You can catch all of Gary Stern's comments in the video below:

CES 2017: Gary Stern on the pinball business by GeekNifty

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