Puzzler 'Death Squared' to release in March

A level in 'Death Squared'. A level in 'Death Squared'. SMG STUDIO

Game developer SMG Studio announces plans to release its upcoming puzzle game, Death Squared, onto a variety of platforms on March 14.

In Death Squared, players guide teams of two or four robots to their respective color-coded waypoints in increasingly-complex levels. It's not exactly that simple, however, as insidious death traps litter the way and, when tripped by hasty sprinters or uncommunicative friends, quickly send the cuboid companions to the big scrapyard in the sky.

If even just one robot meets their death, the entire squad returns to the beginning of the level.  Players must work together to learn each stage through trial and error, putting newly-gained knowledge of a level's hidden obstacles into action.

In addition to the two-player story mode, Death Squared includes "party chaos" challenges specifically designed for groups of four.  A single-player can also enjoy the traditionally two-player story mode, and two-players can tackle the "party chaos" challenges, by controlling two robots with one controller.

Death Squared will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac.

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