'Max: The Curse of Brotherhood' releases on Switch

An in-game scene from 'Max: The Curse of Brotherhood'. An in-game scene from 'Max: The Curse of Brotherhood'. STAGE CLEAR STUDIOS

Now available on Nintendo Switch is Max: The Curse of Brotherhood from Danish studio Flashbulb Games and Spanish developer Stage Clear Studios.

The game features an amazing journey to rescue Max's little brother in an endearing and action-packed adventure with the help of his amazing Magic Marker.  In short, it's a platformer with physics-based puzzles set in a Scandinavian-inspired fantasy world.

On the Nintendo Switch, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood features a new touch-based control scheme lets the player to directly draw on screen to shape the environment as they make their way through a stunningly beautiful world with handcrafted levels that range from ancient temples to lush, green forests.

The game's publisher says the Switch is basically tailor-made for the game.

"First, on iOS, we had the problem that the screen interface wasn’t very good for the platforming part and later with Max: The Curse of Brotherhood on Xbox & PS4 drawing wasn’t optimal with a stick, explains Mikkel Thorsted, Creative Director at Flashbulb Games.  "On the Switch, we have stick and buttons for controlling Max and the screen for controlling the Marker.  This is super awesome.  Another thing we are excited about is the fact that parent and children or friend can actually play together controlling one each, which is actually something a lot of Xbox players have been writing us stories about how they did by passing the controller."

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is currently available via the Switch eShop.  There is also a playable demo available for download.

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