Atlus to bring 'Catherine: Full Body' to the West

Atlus to bring 'Catherine: Full Body' to the West ATLUS

Atlus has announced plans to release its recently-announced mature romantic action-adventure puzzle game, Catherine: Full Body, for western audiences.

Coming out on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, Catherine: Full Body is more than just a remake of the 2011 title Catherine as this time around it will include a new love interest named Rin, along with distinct storyline elements for the character and additional puzzle content.

"Vincent's apartment hasn't seen the last of the sensual people in his life," says Atlus via press release.  "With new storyline elements for both Catherine and Katherine, players will have ample opportunity for new experiences in Catherine: Full Body."

No release date has yet been revealed for Catherine: Full Body, but Atlus has released a (Japanese) trailer for the game.

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