Award-winning shooter 'At Sundown' arriving this Spring

A deathmatch in At Sundown. A deathmatch in At Sundown. VERSUS EVIL

Versus Evil, an independent game publisher, has announced that At Sundown, a BAFTA-winning top-down shoot 'em up, will be released this Spring on all major platforms. This game puts four players together in a darkened arena, where your opponents are invisible unless they dash, shoot or move to a light source. The game will support local and online multiplayer, as well as both keyboard and controller support.

"Mild Beast Games have a created an award-winning multiplayer formula that totally hooks players from the outset. At Sundown has been a real crowd pleaser at events like PAX, where it won players over with its superb 4 player party set up," said Versus Evil General Manager Steve Escalante. "We’re really excited to announce the games' cross-platform launch, which underlines our commitment to bringing out the best in our indie partners."

 A demo is currently available for download through Steam. Players who access the demo can use four weapons on two maps, and can play in either local or online multiplayer. The demo can be downloaded from the game's Steam page.

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