'Moss' original soundtrack releases digitally

'Moss' original soundtrack releases digitally POLYARC

Composed by British Academy Award-winner Jason Graves, the original game soundtrack to Polyarc's Moss is now available digitally and CD with a vinyl release coming later in the year.

Says publisher Materia Collective:

The intimate orchestral soundtrack features a whimsical and emotional soundscape accented with live performances by YouTube vocal sensation Malukah, Steven Universe violin player and TimeSpinner/Tiny Barbarian composer Jeff Ball, and woodwinds specialist Kristin Naigus (ABZUMinecraftLara Croft). Graves--best known for his work on Tomb Raider, Far Cry Primal, and  Dead Space--ventures into new territory with this enchanting soundtrack to the hit VR sensation Moss.

"I can't say anything about my experience composing the music to Moss without first mentioning the amazing team at Polyarc," says Graves.  "Moss is the kind of game I've wanted to score my entire career and Quill is hands down my favorite character I've ever had to the pleasure and joy of being inspired by.  I've never felt more connected and emotionally invested in a story.  I also have to thank the incredible musicians Kristin Naigus (flute, oboe, English horn, clarinet), Jeff Ball (violin), and Malukah (vocals) for their endless inspiration and talent.  The musical world of Moss would not exist without their heart-felt and emotional performances."

The soundtrack is available on CD and digitally via Bandcamp, Spotify, and iTunes.  Materia Collective says the album can also be pre-ordered on vinyl and is expected to ship this holiday season.

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