Review: 'Let Them Come' (PS4)

Review: 'Let Them Come' (PS4) VERSUS EVIL

Wave shooters are a fun sub-genre of game. Let Them Come pretty much brings what makes a wave shooter – increasingly difficult waves, upgrades, etc. But what more is it? Your name? Rock Gunar. Your job?

What do you do? Kill Aliens. That's. About. It. No, but really. There's aliens on your ship, and you set up a gun with a last stand against them. Some are, some are small, some have shields, some glow. But they ALL want to kill you. Not much of a story, but it let's you know what to do – kill them and don't die. Not the most creative story in the world, but not the worst.

I played this on the PS4, and the controls were fine. It was almost obviously ported from the PC, but it was easy. Shoot, stab, lob grenade, etc. while you take care of wave after wave of creatures. I had no difficulties with it, and to be honest, it's almost entrancing to keep the controls up during a wave. A game hasn't done that to me in a while. It's a good thing.

This is a wave shooter, so gameplay links into being 'hypnotic'. You man a gun at the end of a hallway, and through upgrades, you keep up the shooting, grenading and knifing as more and more of those things attack you. Not too too much, but with various aliens, it does keep up the challenge. I wished there was a bit more, but considering what it is, not too shabby.

The graphics here are 2D and next generation retro. It had classic 'bit' style graphics, but the pieces-parts also seem to move a lot, like the gun. It's obviously inspired by the Alien movies with limited lighting and dark hallways, and it has fun with it. Some aliens explode into bright neon colors, and some are creatively designed. Overall it manages to look great, yet also classic.

The soundtrack has a good action/sci-fi beat to it humming along. Nothing too fast paced, but moody to fit into the game. As for the sounds in Let Them Come, it's pretty generic – your basic machine gun fire, grunts and what have you. It does the trick, but a little more would have been nice.

I couldn't see much wrong with the game. Frame rate was great throughout, and none of the aliens or anything really glitched out. Those little flying aliens got past me, and I'd LIKE to blame the game, but it was really just being a bit difficult. Yeah, it's pretty polished.

Let Them Come does well for a wave shooter. It's very limited in what you do, but the setting and style make it a bit above average. Plus it's addicting as hell. I'd say this is worth a definite play through.

Final Score: 7 out of 10

A copy of this game was provided for the purpose of review.

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