Multiplayer horror game 'Daemonical' hits Steam in mid-August

A promotional image for 'Daemonical'. A promotional image for 'Daemonical'. FEAREM

A Croatian game development studio called Fearem is looking to scare up a following with their soon-to-release asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, Daemonical.

Available Aug. 15, the developers say the game offers more than just the average demonic experience.  Going beyond typical expectations, they say it offers a modern action packed take on the horror movie classics in which players will never know who to trust or what lingers in the darkness.

Says the company:

Daemonical commences with players spawning around what seems to be an altar area, with a skeleton perched on top of it but with bones clearly missing. Their objective is to find the bones and bring them back to the altar. The humans must search for the 'hot points' on the map for bone parts. Throughout the task they can find weapons and tools to help them defend themselves in case of a demon attack and they can abandon the bone parts task and merely decide to hide somewhere instead until the morning in order to win. However, this has a number of drawbacks as you will find out!

Daemonical's presentation, progression line, interface and game manipulation has been a big focus for the development team.

The demon's sole focus is to find the survivors/ humans and kill them, that is its primary goal. Humans will utilise a ritual cut on their left hand, that will aid the player directionally to find the missing ritual parts. Once found, the ritual bone will need to be picked up carefully, with each mistake gravely punished with a loud noise that attracts the demon.It needs to be brought back to the altar, when the process repeats itself. The demon has its own methods when searching for humans. Souls glow while distant, but once it gets closer, it must find and locate them manually. It will observe them if they are armed or numerous – decide on a tactic, plan of attack – attack them killing them one by one – wipe them out and win before morning.

Built on the Unity 3D engine, the game features huge open landscapes that are dense and realistic with randomly generated vegetation and procedurally generated houses, collectible and ritual part locations, as well as points of interest on the map.  The game also boasts realistic time of day with real time weather and gives the player the freedom of choice as they make their own horror while they play.  Furthermore, the game features proximity voice chat for role-playing.


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