Indie game 'Molecats' receives full Steam launch

Indie game 'Molecats' receives full Steam launch VIDROID

Indie video game studio Vidrod's award-winning computer game, Molecats, is now available for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam.

In the game, players are tasked with securing ever-important foodstuffs (‘shrooms) and loot (relics) for the Molecats.  Players will need to guide them through dangerous underground tunnels by indirectly controlling where and how the Molecats crew tackles each challenge.  It's not just a simple puzzle, however, as ruthless monsters and traps are lurking around every corner. 

“During Vidroid’s early years, we used to play a small Flash game called Continuity," explains Art Director & Gameplay Designer Stanislav Gailunas.  "This tile placement puzzle game reminded us of the types of board games we enjoyed as kids.  We decided to have a friendly competition to come up with games based on tile mechanics.  After some healthy experimentation, the result was Molecats – a game that encourages players to take their time with each puzzle.”

Molecats has already won numerous awards before its Steam release including "Best Game Design Award" and "Most Innovative Game Award" at Indie Prize Showcase USA 2018, as well as "Best Art Award" at GTP Indie Cup 2018.

The game is now available on Steam as a full release for $12.99.  Windows PC, Mac, and Linux machines are all supported.

Vidroid says Molecats will also be heading to game consoles and mobile devices later this year.

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