New JRPG 'Dragon Star Varnir' heading to PlayStation 4

Battle screenshot. Battle screenshot. IDEA FACTORY

Idea Factory has announced that Dragon Star Varnir, an upcoming RPG featuring dragons and witches, will be heading to the PlayStation 4 in Europe and the United States this year. This title puts players in the shoes of the dragon hunter Zephy, whose job of hunting down witches takes a turn when two witches infuse him with dragon blood. This turn-based JRPG has players attacking enemies (mostly dragons) on three vertical tiers, and certain enemies may be more vulnerable when attacked from certain tiers. Players can also use their dragon abilities to cause massive damage, or they can absorb the skill trees of other dragons. A new trailer for the game is below, showing off the opening movie of the game.

Dragon Star Varnir is currently slated for a summer release. A specific release date has not been given.

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