'Moero Chronicle Hyper' now available on Switch

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The dungeon-crawling RPG Moero Chronicle Hyper is now available on the Nintendo Switch via Nintendo eShop. The remastered release includes new features such as vibration, new items, and up to 50 monster girls to join your party.

The story centers around Io, a boy who can barely talk to women. But once he goes to a place called Monstopia, he’s forced to put that aside in order to find out why local monster girls have been rampaging. By doing everything from fighting monster girls to winning them over with care, you need to purify the land before it’s too late.

Originally released as Moero Chronicle in Japan and Asia on the PlayStation Vita, followed by a 2017 Western release on Steam, this dungeon-crawling RPG is coming back to Western shores yet again. Moero Chronicle Hyper is available for $19.99 with a 30% weeklong launch discount, with EU customers getting a 30% weeklong discount at a later date.

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