'Rolling Gunner' is coming out on the Nintendo Switch

'Rolling Gunner' is coming out on the Nintendo Switch MEBIUS.

Video game publisher and developer mebius. has announced that the hit side-scrolling bullet hell shmup, Rolling Gunner will be released on the Nintendo Switch on June 20th across North America and Europe. A physical edition of Rolling Gunner is also planned for release in late 2019.

In Rolling Gunner, the year is 2061 and nearly three decades have passed since the new metallic element "Busterium" was discovered by the Lerman Matsunaga corporation at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Utilizing this new alloy, Lerman Matsunaga developed a new clean energy engine, which was globally adopted and quickly replaced fossil fuel and nuclear-based engines. However, the computer controlling it pulls away and goes after humanity.

With humanity on the verge of extinction, a secret internal division of Lerman Matsunaga built the Rolling Gun – a gun operated via brain implant.

In Rolling Gun, you get to fight across 6 stages in a variety of mech suits. A soundtrack composed by COSIO (Space Invaders ExtremeGroove Coaster) also complements the game. Rolling Gunner comes out later this month on the Switch.

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