Review: 'MXGP Pro' (PS4)

Review: 'MXGP Pro' (PS4) MILESTONE

I'm always a little disappointed when games don't put much in the way of story, go off on other things like multiplayer or do, well, anything to take away from an immersive experience. They try to put in style and fail, or they try and make mechanics work and do the bare minimum. Make things look good in the trailer but completely fail to deliver in the game. MXGP Pro manages to check boxes on everything – and not in a good way.

The story in MXGP Pro is that you are a dirt bike rider and you race. Ok, so there is a career mode, but there''s no real story or depth. It's just a by the numbers race/win/climb ladder deal. And there's a few modes to beat certain times, but that's it. Generally you're here to race and only race. There's a wide variety of famous bikers too, but with such a weird career mode and everything, that's all lost.

On the PS4 the controls were fine, but they were very limited. Gas, break, turns, weird trick slidy thing, that''s about it. The good news is that's it's simple and easy to master, but the bad news is that there is barely anything with it.

I expected a lot better from the graphics. I thought it was going to be detailed from stills I saw that had God-lighting and things, but no. Some of the natural graphics like trees and water reflections were good, but that was it. The rest looked like it was from a decade ago, even older. When you move things get a little blurry, and I honestly thought the rigid soil filled with tires marks in the dirt was a flat surface painted over to look like that. It looked so unreal. Or how ads were always immaculate structures while everything else was splashed with dirt. I''m usually not bothered by advertising in games, especially in games like this where it makes sense to have it to keep with realism, but electing all signs to be picture perfect ruined it. No dirt course looks like they do in the game. Everything else, from bikes to riders uniforms to spectators looked at least last-gen.

Gameplay is racing and beating times. You manage conditions, know when to slow for turns, know how to pass people – it''s racing. Once you get the hang of it there's no real challenge to it. I want to say more about gameplay, but I can''t think of anything more to say about it. You get on a bike, you go, you race, good times. That's it.

Now sound and music. Man, I was hoping for something more here. So I''ll give a race I had in sound only sine I'll cover all the game has – Kinda bad generic rock music, dirtbike noises, dirtbike noises, low cheer from crowd over a trick(?) I did on a bike, dirt bike noises, low putter of motor for being idle, dirtbike noises, dirtbike noises, low 'oh' of crowd passing by them, dirtbike noises, dirtbike noises, cheer of crowd I can inexplicably hear, Really bad rock music on repeat. And that''s the sound and music.

For a game that feels almost unfinished I do have to say that it played smoothly. Despite the graphics making it look like a solid, the ground felt like it was a rough surface. Bikes sloshed a bit like they would in the mud. And there was no real bug or anything. No glitches and, surprisingly, no lag. It did surprisingly well here.

MXGP Pro was a little disappointing. It didn't do too well in any category and came off as a game going with little substance and little style. If you like racing or bike games you might get a kick out of it, but even then, there''s still going to be a lot bothering you about it.

Final Score: 5.5 out of 10

A copy of this game was provided for the purpose of review.

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