Survival-horror adventure 'RED: Lucid Nightmare' launches on Steam, Oculus VR

Survival-horror adventure 'RED: Lucid Nightmare' launches on Steam, Oculus VR BOLDER GAMES

RED: Lucid Nightmare, a survival-horror adventure from developer/publisher Bolder Games, is now available for PC via Steam and Oculus VR.

In the game, players investigate the disappearance of a family during the day wjile navigating deadly nightmares at night.  The story is told through the role of Mercedes, a down-on-her-luck investigative journalist who has moved back into her family's remote mountain home after an accident.  An old friend pulls her onto a new case, however, and she must discover the connection between her worsening nightmares and the missing family before it's too late. 

“Most horror games are comfortable retreading the same territory and exploiting the same cheap tricks and loud noises to surprise their players," says Lead Designer Naiche Washburn.  "From the very first pitch, my goal was to design an experience that showed what I loved about horror and what I thought was missing from current games in the genre.  Our goal with RED: Lucid Nightmares is to create a game that focuses on atmosphere, exploration, and terror without relying on jump scares or shock value.  My most sincere hope is that the experience of our game follows a player from the screen, down the hallway, and then crawls stealthily underneath their bed.” 

RED: Lucid Nightmare boasts six hours of gameplay along with more than 50 pages of optional readable items.

The game is a Windows PC exclusive.

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