Review: 'Hipster Attack' (PC)

Review: 'Hipster Attack' (PC) TELEVISOR

With most tower shooters nowadays being the 'stick it on this windy path and upgrade' type, it was weird to see the Plants Vs. Zombies style again. Hipster Attack is their version, only with Hipsters battling the employees at your coffee shop. So how does it do? Let's see now...

Hipsters are on the verge of taking over your coffee shop. To make it NOT hipster-y, you need to get all corporate and repel them. Yup, it's like the scenario of Plants vs. Zombies, but with Hipsters. As a story, it seems past it's prime as hipsters are kinda fading out as a punchline, much like zombies were a decade ago, but for what it is, it works. Plus, it's kind of an interesting angle.

For the controls, it's nothing too complicated. Playing on Steam, it's very much like playing Plants Vs. Zombies except with a few changes here and there. Not much more to say about them – they work and you'll get the hang of it easily enough.

Graphics in Hipster Attack are pretty basic-cartoonish quality. Things are clear on what they are, but are more blockier and less detailed – like they went through a computer a few times. Invading hipsters are pretty stereotypical, as are your 'corporate' guys. I mean, hipsters even have a 'vinyl record' attack, so you know they're going for low hanging fruit. The people themselves are mouths and dot eyes on, again, a very 2D cartoony figure. It works for the style it's going for, but it nails every stereotype in the book, with it becoming almost grating each time more of them come.

Gameplay is exactly like Plants vs. Zombies – it's almost a clone. Instead of plants, you have suited employees throwing job offers and other things hipsters wouldn't like at them. Really. It's the same slow crawl, tile by tile system – it's designed exactly the same way. I get it – don't fix what isn't broke, but you think they would have done something to change the gameplay up. Yeah, there are new attacks and enemies and things, but they're pretty much the same function as new plants in Plants Vs. Zombies. The parallels were too much to see.

Sounds and music were pretty simple. The music is this same beat that keeps going on a loop. It's not too annoying, but you think they would change it up. And, very samey. Throws sound alike, enemies getting hit making this this “Egh!” sound are alike. They got the basics down, but they fade in the stretch. It works, but they don't do anything spectacular.

That being said, the frame rate was actually quite nice. Even Plants Vs. Zombies would slow down at times, and Hipster Attack ran smoothly. No glitches either!

I had fun with Hipster Attack, but there were a lot of issues. It steals a lot from other games, and a lot of the execution isn't up to par. At times, it also feels like they decided to go bargain shopping for certain areas of the game. Again, it's a fun game, but it's not the best game, and it's not the worst. The effort is clearly there though, so I'd say it's above average.

Final Score: 7.5 out of 10

A copy of this game was provided for the purpose of review.

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