Review: 'Aftercharge' (PC)

Review: 'Aftercharge' (PC) GAMETYRANTS

Multiplayer games are here to stay, and if 2018 was year of the multiplayer, it looks like it's stretching into 2019. But, as much as quality dips in huge multiplayer games, gems still come out. Aftercharge is.....somewhere in the middle.

A bunch of robots play a bunch of....invisible robots. You're both going things? Ok, it's 3v3 king of the hill/capture the flag style gameplay. Think Team Fortress 2 but more future-like and with characters based on abilities than classes. About average for multiplayer games now, but not detrimental either.

The controls weren't bad, especially for Steam. It was almost like Fortnite or Overwatch. Standard multiplayer controls. I actually felt there could have been a few more controls in there do to the complexities, but for what it had, it was pretty good.

Being a 3v3 multiplayer first person shooter, you can probably figure out the gameplay: Shooting, capturing and using special abilities to win When I played, it was only the graphics that were the only difference between any other FPS out there. The mechanics aren't that different from anything else either. It's good gameplay, but nothing really jumps out. The only unique twinge is how the characters aren't in classes, but the different levels of skills make them classes in all but name anyway.

Now the graphics.....they're something. While some parts, like characters, are highly detailed, other parts are not. The ground looks like it's out of 2001, and trees and things come out in blobby like things. Electricity looks real, but weapons look like they're made of plastic. It's unique, but it always feels a bit off.

The music and sound worked. The music doesn't feed in all the times, but it's like a mix of Techno and Philip Glass. I don't know what kind of genre it is, all I know is that I like it and I wish they used more of it. During games, the sound overtakes the music. It's some ambient, some weapon sounds and some 90's style game message sounds. Again, like the music genre, I don't know what you call the combination, but it works quite well.

The game glitched out here and there. A player once got stuck and there was some odd clips here and there. But the frame rate was good. It tripped up twice, but it was barely noticeable.

Aftercharge takes steps to be its own game, but it winds up becoming a generic multiplayer. It's above average because it does try to innovate, and as multiplayers go, it's quite fun. It could have made more of an effort to be its own thing, but as is, it's pretty good.

Final Score: 7.5 out of 10

A copy of this game was provided for the purpose of review.

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