'The Lost Legends of Redwall: the Scout' releases on consoles

Gameplay screenshot. Gameplay screenshot. SOMA GAMES

Soma Games has announced that the first episode in the new game series The Lost Legends of Redwall has been released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This title is the first video game based on the world-famous Redwall series of novels, and the first episode, entitled 'The Scout', is billed as a "stealth-adventure" game, taking place in the wintertime.

"Together we all nurtured a product that we believe captures the heart of Brian Jacques’ masterpiece," says Chris Skaggs, Game Director and Principal at Soma Games. "Between authentic musical scores, digitally sculpted art and an inspired fresh and new narrative, our hope is that this series earns its place among the influential games of the new millennium."

The Lost Legends of Redwall: the Scout is available for $14.99 as a digital download on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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