SNES-inspired wireless gamepad released for Super NES Classic, others

SNES-inspired wireless gamepad released for Super NES Classic, others MY ARCADE

Now available from My Arcade is the SNES-inspired Super Gamepad wireless controller.

Designed for the popular Super NES Classic from Nintendo, the Super Gamepad is also compatible with the original NES Classic.  Nintendo Wii and Wii U owners can also use it for virtual console games.

In addition to wireless functionality, the controller also features "Turbo" capabilities and a "Home" button to jump to the game launch menu without having to actually press the reset button on the console.

"The Super Gamepad is the best of both worlds - it features the nostalgic look and feel of the classic controller retro fans love while also updating it for the modern world with wireless functionality and improved ergonomics," said Crystal Dugan, My Arcade's Marketing Manager.  "Now you can enjoy the games you loved without the wires."

In North America, the Super Gamepad is made to resemble the classic Super Nintendo controller.  In Europe and Asia, however, it's being made to mimic the Super Famicom color scheme.  The European/Asian version isn't going to be available until early next year.  The Super Gamepad is available from My Arcade's own online shop, as well as Amazon.

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