SNK announces 'Samurai Shodown' limited edition Neo Geo Mini

The Haohmaru edition of the Neo Geo Mini. The Haohmaru edition of the Neo Geo Mini. SNK

SNK has announced that, in celebration of the upcoming release of the new Samurai Shodown, they will be releasing three limited edition Neo Geo Mini systems with Samurai Shodown themes. The systems will be translucent and come in three colors (white for Haohmaru, red for Nakoruru, and blue for Ukyo Tachibana), and each version of the system will be limited to 20,000 units. Each system comes with a collectible card, two controllers, a non-slip cushion, all the appropriate cables, and 40 games, including all six of the Neo Geo Samurai Shodown games; SNK notes, however, that all of the games included will be the Japanese versions.

Pre-orders for these systems will begin on May 24 at select retailers, and the systems will start shipping in July. Each one is set at a MSRP of $139.

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