80's-style video game 'Vektor Wars' releases for Wii U

An in-game screenshot from Wii U game 'Vektor Wars'. An in-game screenshot from Wii U game 'Vektor Wars'. SUPER ICON

Indie game studio Super Icon releases its robot-blasting Wii U game Vektor Wars, in North America.

In the 1980s-inspired Vektor Wars, players blast their way through waves of robots to protect the neon vector world and destroy the evil invaders.

Described by the British-based developer, Vector Wars is an homage to coin-op arcade classics such as Battlezone, Berzerk, and Robotron.  The game features fast-paced first-person combat, nine "neon-drenched" world zones to liberate, and an original soundtrack.

Vektor Wars is a digitally downloaded title.  The game is expected to launch in Europe next month.

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