10 great gift ideas for geeks

10 great gift ideas for geeks ALLHANDSACTIVE.ORG

Finding the right gift for the geeks in your life can sometimes pose quite the challenge, so we looked around and found some great suggestions for you and your geeky friends and family.

  Star Wars Millennium Falcon Book Light ($14.99 at ThinkGeek) - That's no moon light!  Great for the geeky bookworm, this officially-licensed booklight is shaped like the Millennium Falcon of Star Wars fame and brings light to the darkness (when you're reading, at least).  Batteries are included.
NES Controller Doormat ($29.58 from Etsy) - Created by RetroArtDecor, this doormat is a great way to welcome guests to your den of geekiness.  Featuring the look of a classic NES controller, it boasts a polyester felt face with non-slip backing and is weather resistant.  Now to see if stomping out the Konami code does anything...
  Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy ($39.99 at multiple retailers) - Gamers from the 1990 probably have fond memories of Crash Bandicoot games.  Now, the once de-facto PlayStation mascot is back and better than ever in Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.  This collection of the original three Crash games have been faithfully remastered for PlayStation 4 without losing any of the charm or challenge of their original versions.  As far as remastered re-releases of previous-generation games go, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is among the best of this year's crop.
Watchmen: The Annotated Edition ($49.99 at multiple retailers) - DC Comics' The Watchmen is considered as one of the top graphic novels ever.  Perhaps that's why it's been re-released as an all-new version that includes notes by Leslie S. Klinger, interviews with artist Dave Gibbons, never-before-seen original source material, and more extra goodies that are perfect for the ultimate Watchmen fans.
Moon Phase Bib Necklace ($55.00 at UncommonGoods) - Show your lunar love with this new necklace from fine art photographer turned jewelry designer Lauren Beacham.  Inspired by the beauty of the lunar cycle, the Moon Phase Bib Necklace showcases is hand-made in Maryland and showcases the waxing and waning phases of the moon.
Magic: The Gathering - Explorers of Ixalan ($64.99 at various retailers) - A different way to play Magic: The GatheringExplorers of Ixalan is an out-of-the-box multiplayer Magic set, that combines tile-based board game elements with regular gameplay.  The game is based on the CCG's Ixalan world and storyline and features four pre-constructed 60-card decks that contain a number of notable cards from Magic's history such as Time Warp, Day of Judgment, Lightning Helix, and Quicksilver Amulet.
  Atari Flashback 8 Gold ($69.96 at WalMart) - A great option for fans of extreme retro gaming, AtGames' Atari Flashback 8 Gold makes the (really) old-school cool again.  The console features more than 130 Atari 2600 titles with 39 Activision classics such as Pitfall!, River Raid, Freeway, Enduro, Kaboom!, Chopper Command, and Decathlon.  Other features include wireless controllers, 720p HDMI output, scan line filtering, and save/pause/rewind feature functionality.

Super NES Classic Edition ($79.99 at Target and other retailers) - What's old is new once again thanks to Nintendo's Super NES Classic Edition.  This highly sought-after device connects to a television via HDMI and comes with 21 original SNES games pre-installed such as Super Mario Kart, F-Zero, and (for the first time ever playable) Star Fox 2.  Furthermore, the Super NES Classic Edition is compatible with Nintendo's Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro accessories.

  Atari Speakerhats ($129.99 at AtariLife) - It's a gift that's part gamer gear and part audophile gear.  Quite literally, it's a ballcap with built-in high-fidelity stereo speakers and microphone that can connect instantly to any Bluetooth-enabled device.  There is a small variety of styles to choose from including classic Atari logos and a limited-edition Pong hat.
  Star Wars TFA Rey Salvaged X-Wing Pilot Helmet ($349.99 at ThinkGeek) - A great gift for the Jedi (or Sith) in your family, this is a screen-accurate replica of a X-Wing pilot's helmet prop from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  It's not a functioning helmet and it's "not suitable for kids," but it's a really cool gift for ultimate Star Wars fans.  Furthermore, it's fully-lined interior with dual comlink booms and earcup cushions.  Ready, Gold Leader?

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