Co-op stealth game 'Hacktag' launches onto Steam

Co-op stealth game 'Hacktag' launches onto Steam PIECE OF CAKE STUDIOS

Now available on Steam from Piece of Cake Studios, Hacktag is co-op stealth game that features both solo and two-player modes.

The game is set in 2029 in a parallel world populated by cute, anthropomorphic animals and features two-player asymmetrical gameplay.  One player is an Agent in the field while the other is a virtually-infiltrated Hacker.  Hired as mercenaries by competing corporations, the two players work together to carry out espionage missions via online or local co-op.  In single player mode, one player switches between the two roles.

Hacktag was first released on Steam Early Access in June 2017 and has been continually refined and expanded in keeping with community feedback. The game  is now available as a full Steam game for $19.99, with a 25% launch week discount.

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