Iconic RPG 'Secret of Mana' releases on PlayStation, PC

A scene from the 2018 remake of "Secret of Mana'. A scene from the 2018 remake of "Secret of Mana'. SQUARE-ENIX

Square-Enix releases its revamped remake of its classic RPG, Secret of Mana, on PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PC (via Steam).

The game, which originally released on Super Nintendo in 1993, is a full remake of the SNES version and brings the complete experience of the legendary adventure to modern audiences and platforms.  Furthermore, the new Secret of Mana includes local multiplayer for as many as three friends.

Secret of Mana on PS4, Vita, and PC also features revamped visuals in high-definition 3D and additional voice-overs designed to bring the characters to life in new and exciting ways, while retaining the charm and personality of their original appearances.  It also includes a newly arranged musical score, as well as the option to play with the classic 16-bit soundtrack.  Also, bulding upon the charm of the original, new narrative scenes have been included to provide extra insight into the magical Mana-filled world.  Other new features not found in the SNES original include shortcuts, autosave, and improved AI controls.

While generally a digital release, physical copies of the PlayStation 4 version can be found at GameStop in the United States, at EB Games in Canada, and at all participating retailers in Latin America.

The ESRB has rated Secret of Mana as "E10+."

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