Double Fine's 'GNOG' launches with VR support

An in-game image from computer game 'GNOG'. An in-game image from computer game 'GNOG'. KO_OP

Developer KO_OP and publisher Double Fine Games' latest title, GNOG, is now available on PC and Mac with support HTC Vive and Oculus Rift setups.

A 3D tactile puzzle game, GNOG is a virtual toy that is filled with happy, colorful kaleidoscopic secrets.  Players explore a series of worlds, each with stunningly vibrant visuals accompanied by entrancing beats from composer Marskye (Boyfriend Dungeon).

Each level takes place inside a uniquely charming and delightful monster head, waiting to be prodded, poked, grabbed, pulled, and flipped around to reveal all the stories and mysteries within.  Players can enjoy the vivid world of GNOG on PC or Mac, or get some face-to-face time by immersing theirselves in VR.

GNOG was previously released on PlayStation 4 with PSVR support for $14.99 and on iOS devices for $4.99.

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