Dystopian game ‘Beholder 2’ gets December release date

Dystopian game ‘Beholder 2’ gets December release date ALAWAR PREMIUM

Alawar Premium and Warm Lamp Games plan to release the futuristic dystopian game, Beholder 2, onto Steam on Dec. 4.

A sequel to 2016's original Beholder game, Beholder 2 features a trong Orwellian theme and takes place in the same grim and hopeless universe where privacy is dead and a totalitarian State controls every aspect of life.  Warm Lamp Games says the game will feature an expansive world filled with new scenes, rooms, and floors inside the actual Ministry.

“You are a newly employed department officer within the Ministry of a totalitarian State," explains producer Evgeny Sister.  "While you are poised to have an illustrious career and possibly become Prime Minister someday, the way up won't be easy.  So, how high up the career ladder will you climb?  The choice is still yours to make.” 

Releasing Dec. 4 via Steam for PC and Mac, Beholder 2 will support English, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.

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