MOBA 'Switchblade' releases on Steam, PS4

MOBA 'Switchblade' releases on Steam, PS4 LUCID GAMES

Lucid Games' latest title, the massive online battle arena game Switchblade, is now available on PC (via Steam) and PlayStation 4.  Furthermore, the game studio announced the launch of new bundle packs for the game.

The Switchblade bundle are designed to give new players access to the full game as well as exciting new combinations of vehicles, aiding fans in developing new strategies and switching up those all-important team tactics on the battlefield.  This includes the Starter Pack ($2.99) that includes four vehicles. the ten-vehicle Epic Pack ($6.99), and the Legendary Pack.  For $19.99, the Legendary Pack includes includes all 16 current and future vehicles in Switchblade, as well as all future vehicles as they are released.  Legendary Pack purchasers also get a three-day battle point boost and 500 bit cash (Switchblade's in-game currency).

Switchblade is a strategic team-based vehicle combat MOBA.  Be sure to read our review HERE!

The game is currently available for download via Steam and will appear as a digital download on PlayStation 4 on Nov. 19.

Switchblade is rated "E for Everybody" by the ERSB.

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