Capy Games' 'Below' is now available on Xbox One, Steam

An in-game scene from 'Below'. An in-game scene from 'Below'. CAPY GAMES

Below, a new dungeon crawler from Capy Games, is now available on Steam and Xbox One.

Here's what the indie game studio says about the title:

Test your adventurer mettle against The Isle’s procedural subterranean labyrinths. Explore a large, interconnected underworld crawling with cunning creatures, deadly traps, and a mysterious shadowy presence. Survive the perils of The Depths and unearth what lies below... or die trying. BELOW embraces exploration and discovery - illuminate the path ahead, find hidden passages and unravel the deepest mysteries hidden in the darkness your own way.  

Be sure to check out the official Below launch trailer:

Below is rated "T for Teen" by the ESRB.

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