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Why does every future-set piece of pop culture since the 80's have to use Blade Runner as its influence? And for those released since 1999, why do they add in a dash of The Matrix? It always sparks of unoriginality, like when they make their message 'corporations are evil'. Is that really the best you can do? Quantum Replica sets down this path, and it's not exactly pretty.

Quantum Replica's story is a mix of disappointment and cliché. You are (seriously) Alpha. You just had amnesia and wake up to find yourself in a world where corporations are king and for some reason you're tossed into a rebellion. Shouldn't you be finding out who you are? NOPE! Fight against the world. What about anything besides going against the man? What about NOT joining the rebellion? NOPE. All major issues and plots are thrown aside just so you can go the way EVERY story like this goes. It's paint by numbers storytelling, instead of letting you decide things for yourself.

Graphics are a mix of stills ad 45 degree/top-down play. While the neon-lit streets and cities look great, and the 80's style red-light maps are fun to flick through, it's all pretty barren. The stills have a style that goes for edgy but looks decades out of date. Regular gameplay, despite having good lighting and attractive neon, is amazingly lacking in detail. Dirty streets are completely spotless, cars are boxy beyond belief, and buildings look like they're made of styrofoam. The graphics went so far toward futuristic and clean that it ruined the illusion.

Quantum Replica is a mostly stealth based game, and it reminded me a lot of those old spy games for the Game Boy Advance way back when. You avoid police, security guards, whomever. It's pretty fun. There's also some action bits, half of which are lucky shots that have the camera swoop in and the action is done for you. I wish it would give players a chance to actually play the game, but at least the stealth parts are fun. Some of the mechanics, such as moving around the camera, make the stealth much more enjoyable since you can view the scene from all angles.

Playing on Steam, the controls aren't bad. They definitely benefit from the use of a controller, but it's basic moving around and hitting buttons. Nothing too complicated.

The music is comprised of a pretty subdued soundtrack. It's mostly lighter spooky music, with a sort of ambient feel to it. It reminded me a lot of a toned down Legends of the Hidden Temple, or that background music you'd hear on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (or, you know, Blade Runner). Meanwhile, the sounds are a bit here and a bit there. The ambience is pretty good, and each place has fitting sound design. For example, streets sound like streets and have a touch of realism it very much needs. The voice acting, however, sounds exactly like tired people reading lines, not emoting. So, to reiterate, everywhere.

The frame rate is decent. It slows down slightly when you rotate the camera, but otherwise there's nothing wrong with it. And aside from some NPCs in the background doing very inhuman-like things like suddenly disappearing or melting into a wall, there's no real glitches to speak of.

Quantum Replica is a game built upon a generic premise, but it does do some things right. The stealth parts, which is the core part of the game, work well enough, so it's not a broken game by any means. It just seems really phoned in, even down to the mood of the game, which is ripped from numerous parts of pop culture. It basically picks and chooses what it wants to make a stapled together game. I can't really give a yea or nay to this – Quantum Replica simply exists.

Final Score: 6 out of 10

A copy of this game was provided for the purpose of review.

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